Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating has increasingly become a popular tool by which people meet potential dates. There are many dating websites and users need to familiarize themselves with safety tools that can help safeguard against harm; physical or emotional. As with any encounter with strangers, there are safety guideline that should be followed in order for people to protect themselves from online predators and other people with bad intentions.

Take your time

Do not rush to give personal information to someone you just met online. Get to know the person before you give information such as your home, work or school address. Do not rush to even give out your personal email address and phone number. Stay on the online dating platform for as long as is needed to get comfortable with the user.

Meet in a public locatione

Do not meet with a date in a secluded location during the first few dates. When you first meet with a date, make sure there is an easy escape route if you need to leave suddenly. There should be people around that you can call out to for help if needed. In fact, it is a good idea to talk on the phone before actually meeting a date.

Inform someone of your whereabout

Tell a friend or family member where you will be meeting with your date in advance.

Stay sober

Do not get intoxicated with alcohol or drugs during your date. You need to have full control of your mental faculty, so you can think and act straight during a date with someone with someone you just met or recently met.

Keep you cell phone on you at all times

Do not leave your cell phone even when you go to the restroom. That may turn out to be your only way of getting help if needed.

Do not rely on your date for your means of transportation

Drive yourself or take a taxi to your meeting spot. This will leave you with the option to leave if you feel unsafe at any point in time during the date.

Block the user

If someone is being aggressive or abusive, sometimes the easiest and safest thing to do is just block the individual from having any further contact with you. Do not feel that you are obligated to keep the conversation going with anyone online, because you are not.

Trust your instincts

If you find yourself catching your online match in multiple lies, your instinct will probably tell you it’s not a good match. Sometimes, it’s not even as obvious a lie, it’s just your sixth sense telling you it’s not a good idea to date an individual. Trust that instinct, and look elsewhere. Your intuition trumps any dating advice or tip anyone can give you.

Africanloving Team